What happens when we find ourselves running through life on automatic not pushing our limits, but just running, until it’s time to retire or die? I do a lot of running outside and one day I was thinking about the difference of running on a treadmill. On a treadmail you get a great workout, but you are stuck in one place, on automatic, just running until your time is up. How many times have you bumped into someone unexpectedly after several years and you ask them how they are doing and they say “Same old same old.” Really? How depressing! Life should be full of challenges, adventures and individuality.

If you’re running on automatic then you need change in your life.

If you get really clear about: your vision, purpose, goals, you make things measurable, you respond to feedback, you persist then your going to create a fun filled successful life.


You don’t have to know how you’re going to achieve the goal. All you have to do is set the goal, then the ‘how’ will start to fall into place. How many of us use GPS systems in our cars? Normally how they work is you go in the car you type in the address you want and the car figures out the directions. We also have GPS systems in our brains. As soon as you decide what it is you want your brain your subconscious starts to figure out how to do it. You will feel joy when you’re in the right direction. You will feel miserable when your not.


What I have learnt from dealing with people is that many people don’t take responsibility for their own lives. You must take 100% responsibility for your life/. If you don’t have the job you want instead of blaming the economy, the government, your ex-boss, whatever it might be, ask yourself what is it that you really want. Your energy is better focused this way and is more likely to produce results rather than sitting around blaming and complaining. Now ask yourself what are the obvious next three actions that I need to take today to start implementing what I want. If you take three action steps everyday, six days a week then your going to start putting yourself toward what you want.


The fastest way to change is to develop awareness. There are different stages of change. The first stage is pre-contemplation where you deny that you have a problem with your behaviour. The next stage is contemplation where you recognise you have a problem but don’t know if you want to do anything about it. The third stage is preparation where the person might pick up a self-help book to discontinue the behaviour. If that stage is successful the person will move onto the action phase


I challenge you to take responsibility and to look at your life to analyse whether you are stuck on that treadmail going nowhere. Why not take responsibility for your life and create positive change.

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