Re – Featured episode Monday 1st of February 2016.

Dear Corrie/ITV,

As a blind person I found your ‘sketch’ regarding Eileen’s blind date very insulting.  Eileen was explaining to Pat and Jason how she had been once asked to go on a “blind date” but when she arrived she discovered the guy was actually blind. She said to Pat and Jason if she had realised that the guy was blind beforehand she wouldn’t “have put as much effort into getting ready.” What does that mean?  You don’t need to make the effort around ‘Us’ blind people?  You can be lazy with your attitude and appearance? Is that because blind people are lazy about their appearance?  Would you make a similar joke / comment about someone’s colour or religion?

Your sketch was offensive and puts people who are blind down. It gives the perception that people should not make an effort around blind people and neither do blind people make an effort. Well, I have many qualifications behind my name Sinead Kane, PhD Researcher, BCL, LLM, Solicitor, Mediator, Ultra Runner, Speaker. Why do I have these behind my name because blind people do make an effort contrary to what your show tried to portray. If any guy were to go on a ‘blind date’ with me I would like him TO MAKE THE EFFORT rather then turn up lazy and smelly. Please educate yourself about blindness.

You might say I am being oversensitive – but this is not about – sensitive – it is about – perceptions – it is about giving people who a re blind a positive perception in society. This is not about – sensitivity – it is about – respect – and showing respect to blind people. This is what I try and do on a daily basis but sketches like yours defeats my efforts. This is about being treated equally. Any fully sighted person would want a person to turn up to a ‘blind date’ making an effort and blind people want that as well. Why wouldn’t we? To me it is just common sense that we would want that respect shown to us..

I’m sure I’ll find it  – if I make the effort – to ‘Look’ but can you please send me the address to which I can forward a complaint.


Sinead Kane

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