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In 2012 I did a motivational speech for the Women’s Leadership Forum at EMC. Today I was invited back to do another speech for a different group of employees. It was an extremely enjoyable day and I felt privileged to be asked back a 2nd time.

Ironically, on the day that I was asked to do the speech for EMC was the day I turned down to go to Japan. In july 2014 I gave my commitment to Childline that I would run the Dublin marathon for them. In August then the International Bar Association asked me to go to Tokyo in Japan to talk on the employment law and disability law committee. I thought I could combine the two but given the distance of Japan from Ireland and given that the talk in Japan was on the 21st and 22nd of October and the marathon is on the 27th of October it would be all too tight re travelling and exhaustion and being well slept before the marathon. I am a person of integrity – I keep to my word and hence I decided not to go to Japan and keep training and fundraising for Childline. On the day I made the final decision not to go to Japan was the day Caroline from EMC contacted me to say would I give a speech for the 23rd of October. It just shows I was meant to stay in Cork. The lesson to be learned is that when one door closes another will open. Sometimes the door will open fast sometimes not but another door will open.

EMC is such a fabulous company, all the staff are very welcoming and friendly. If I wasn’t in the middle of doing a PhD I would nearly apply their for a job. However, I have given a commitment to do my PhD and thus I will see same out. Who knows where I will be after my PhD or what I will be doing but I always think big. During my EMC talk I told the audience that I truly believe that in years to come in this country I will be in a senior leadership position. I know this can happen by continuing to work hard, gaining respect from people and making some sacrifices. Its all about being persistent and determined and what am I willing to sacrifice. Am I willing to sacrifice having a family over my career? At the moment, the answer is yes. I am extremely career driven.

I thought when I qualified as a solicitor that I would work as a solicitor 9 to 5 and follow the norm. However, my path has led me down different roads. I believe we are all destined to do great things but sometimes we just have to take the ‘long scenic’ route to get there. Everyday my journey unfolds. I am grateful for all the people who have come into my life. I am grateful to all the staff at EMC who believe in me, who make me feel included, who show empathy and understanding towards me. Knowing that an international company such as EMC believes in me makes me want to strive further and further to reach goals that to some people are out of my reach – the people who see me a ‘vulnerable’ girl who has a disability and who cant contribute to society. Time will only tell where my journey is going to bring me but as of now I am excited about what the future holds – as the future is unknown and that is what can make it scary but also exciting.

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