In life we need to understand ourselves before others can. We need to recognise not only our successes but also our failings, our mistakes, and the life lessons that can be learned from such situations. Some life lessons that I have learned are as follows:

  1. Teach by example – teach people who you are and your values.
  2. Be true to yourself – it will be an example to others around you to be themselves.
  3. Forgiveness – sometimes bad things happen good people. People hurt other people. I try not to hate or hold grudges because it just causes more pain.
  4. Nourish the brain – no matter what level of education you have – whether it be a certificate or a PhD, what I have learnt is we should all: ‘continually’ strive for excellence.
  5. The C’s of life – you got to make a choice, to take a chance, to change your life.
  6. Traffic lights of life – in trying to self-develop in a positive way my tip is to look at your life like a set of traffic lights. Red – what are the things that you need to stop doing.  Amber – what are the things that need further thought? Green – what are the things that you need to keep doing.

There are useful and important actions that you can take on an ongoing basis in order to ensure that you manage your career and personal development successfully.  

  1. Seek feedback regularly – you will need to ask other people for feedback which can be challenging and uncomfortable.  However, without feedback you will find it very difficult to learn anything about yourself. Be bold and direct in seeking the feedback but be equally as open to listening to the feedback.
  2. Focus on Learning – focus on learning points from each activity, each hardship, each up, and each down. What are you learning about yourself? What are you learning about your capabilities, your style of operating and your impact on others?
  3. Make a plan – Prepare a positive action plan. Ask yourself: ‘what is your expected outcome?’ Express in the positive as to what you want. Make it as specific as possible. After you write out what you want then write out what actions you will take to achieve your outcome. Write down any potential obstacles that you foresee. Now write out what you will do to overcome your identified obstacles. .
  4. Reflect and review regularly – put time in your diary on a weekly basis to reflect on what has been different this week. Ask yourself: ‘what have I achieved against my action plan this week’ and: ‘what can I continue to build on next week’?
  5. Be creative – in your job search be creative, this allows you to spot opportunities. Not everyone can move rapidly upwards in their career, so be willing to make the most of the daily opportunities to grow and develop.
  6. Self – discipline – push yourself! Your job search development will often rely on you having to actively push yourself forward, to ask for opportunities, to stretch yourself and for you to take the risk of trying out new challenges and working in new areas.

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