Sinead has a standard portfolio of four highly inspirational and motivational presentations.

Each presentation is of about 30-40 minutes duration and can be shortened, lengthened or combined according to specific needs.

Typical Themes Addressed in Sinead’s Presentations

Personal Story – A Blind Girl with Vision

Sinead can choose to be blinded by obstacles or she can choose to be visionary. 

This talk is very suitable for any person, persons, corporate firm, charity, media, school, college, political or disability organisation interested in hearing Sinead’s personal story.

In a very personal, honest and revealing way, Sinead shares with the audience the emotions and feelings of being visually impaired and how her mum who is totally blind is a true inspiration to her.  In the talk Sinead gives a candid view into the thoughts, feelings and emotional needs of a disabled person. This is a “feel good” talk, inspiring the audience to value and understand their own being, as well as to be more enlightened on how it is to be a person with a disability.

Today almost everyone is afraid to approach anyone who is “differently abled” from themselves. Since Sinead has been dealing with her blindness since birth she has gained many insights into this fear of people to accept persons who are different. Sinead leads her audiences into her world where there is little difference between them and her! She gives her audience the coping skills to better relate to others who are “differently abled.”

This 30-minute presentation is guaranteed to open the eyes of those that are simply too lazy to see. Sinead believes that it is better to be visually impaired and have vision of heart  rather than fully sighted and blind at heart.

Throughout all of Sinead talks the humor is woven in a natural and true to life way. Her capability to take the participants deep into the message of her life, and then to bring them into the laughter and humor of the moment, always makes the presentation a wonderful experience!

Sinead’s presentations are more than just a feel good motivational speech. They are unique. She inspires audiences from town to town with her personal experience. Sinead shows us all how to overcome personal and organisational paralysis with simple techniques which combine professional focus and inner self-discipline.

Sinead focuses on the challenges we face. She will help your organisation with the goals you are trying to reach by identifying the problems that are stopping you from where you want to go. She speaks not from theory, but personal experience. She touches audiences big and small, corporate and private.

Having courage to face the challenge

This talk is very suitable for corporate occasions and, with small changes, can just be as good for NGO’s, schools or university groups. In this talk Sinead draws parallels between her own story and the challenges which face organisations. The very nature of today’s business environment means the possibilities of merger, reorganisation, or economic turndown are constantly on the horizon, and organisations must absorb such events with a minimum of disruption. Urging audiences to “play the hand you’re dealt,” Sinead helps organisations see corporate challenges from a new perspective. Sinead encourages companies to realise that in times of challenge communication skills alongside positive energy are a must. Thus do you need a fresh injection of positivism, motivation and higher morale – then this presentation is for you!

Teambuilding  and communication

This talk is especially suited for charities or people with adventurous spirits and would go down well with fundraising, sales or teambuilding events.

The foundation of all team building is having shared goals to which all team members are committed. “The bottom line is… We simply do not do life alone.” This is a phrase that Sinead will use in her talk. People in every workplace talk about building the team, working as a team, and my team, but few understand how to create the experience of team work or how to develop an effective team. Belonging to a team, in the broadest sense, is a result of feeling part of something larger than yourself. It has a lot to do with your understanding of the mission or objectives of your charity or organization or the goal that you have set for yourself. To belong to a team each member needs to communicate effectively.

Each and every one of us communicates in all facets of our lives. The variety of ways in which we communicate are vast. In the world of the visually impaired and blind, communication is one of the most important foundations in functioning, working and living productively. Sinead will share her insights into a new perspective of communication. Her session, ‘Come to Your Senses’, also encompasses a light hearted, interactive session, helping the participants to use ALL of their senses to communicate effectively.


This talk is very suitable for disability groups, schools, colleges,  optholomolgists, any companies or persons associated with eye care.

Many of us are going through changes, both personally and professionally. It is an on-going process. Sinead’s life has been filled with change. Her talk will take you through another perspective of coping with, and hearing an insight into dealing with change in a positive productive way.

As a blind person, organisational skills are essential. Helping her audience to re-evaluate how they organise their lives will have the audience looking at the possible changes needed to become more efficient.

Charity and Voluntary Work

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