It’s a week since the Dublin Marathon and I’m now getting ready for my next race which will be The Volcano Marathon in the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile on November 12th. Hard to believe that only a year ago I innocently asked if the Dublin Marathon would be cancelled if it rained and now I’ve heard that the Volcano I’ll be running around has recently erupted and sent a plume of ash 2.5Km into the sky above the summit crater. Rain is the least of my worries now and it’s amazing how your outlook changes once you conquer your fears. I’m really excited about this challenge even though the thought still scares me.
Thanks to Richard Donovan for the invite to take part in this adventure and creating the dream and thanks to my sponsors and supporters for getting me there and making it happen.
Great Outdoors Dublin, Columbia, Ron Hill, EVB Sport, Sasta Fitness, Youghal Credit Union and Electric Cork

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