About Sinead

Dr. Sinead Kane is a keynote speaker on the topics of: resilience, mindset and teamwork. Sinead only has 5% vision and is registered as legally blind. She has spoken for many companies nationally and internationally. She has two PhD’s, is a qualified lawyer and lectures on the topics of disability law and policy. She is also an athlete who has competed and represented Ireland at ultra-distances. She is also a double Guinness World Record holder. In January 2017, Sinead achieved the Guinness World Record for the first blind person to run 7 marathons on 7 continents within 7 days. Sinead also is the first Irish female to compete in the World Marathon Challenge. In February 2018, Sinead achieved the Guinness World Record for furthest distance for a female on a treadmill in 12 hours.


Sinead’s vision is to be a World-Class Keynote Speaker and Athlete who advances knowledge about disability.


Sinead will strive for positive change through:
1. Delivering high quality professional speaking services.
2. Lecturing at third level institutions.
3. Competing in sport – Running at national and international level.
4. Advocacy work through using her platform to inform public policy to create a society where people with disabilities enjoy equal rights, choices and opportunities.
5. Collaborating with companies, brands, and organisations who want to create an inclusive diverse society.


Sinead works with people who value the following:


Sinead through her speaking work, lecturing, advocacy and competition in sport is continuously leading in shaping public policy and societal attitudes to advance social inclusion for people with disabilities. Sinead values leadership and enjoys collaborating with those who values same.


Sinead is proud of what she does and how she does it. Her work and actions are always done with the highest standards of integrity.


Sinead is commitment to excellence in the provision of services. Sinead and those who work with her strive to attain the highest standards in everything they do and are results-focused.

Diversity is strength

Sinead and those who work with her value variety of knowledge, perspectives and experiences and draws strength from these to fuel competitiveness.

Change is an opportunity

Sinead values change and sees it as an opportunity. The business landscape is constantly evolving. Sinead and those who work with her embrace the challenges of change to be world-class and to maintain difference.

People make the difference

A company is its people and people provide the competitive advantage. Sinead values teamwork and knows it’s the people around you who help you grow.


Sinead and those who work with her believe in always delivering on their promise of absolute integrity and building lasting partnerships through collaboration, mutual trust and sustainable value creation.


Sinead and those who work with her are committed to a culture of mutual respect, where people are listened to and empathy shown.


Sinead values equality and inclusion. She likes to work with people who also value equal access to opportunities, services and supports within their communities.

Motivational Speaker Sinead Kane sat in a stone corridor, wearing a blue dress

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