Boot Update

By: Sinead Kane

I’ve been getting a few messages and questions about the Boot so here’s an update with a short video Chris from @cojofilms has put this together from a recent video diary.

Since August 2022, I have been in chronic pain with my left foot. Have I stopped running? No, because I have never had injuries before apart from the occasional niggle that was gone in a day or two. So I kept thinking the issue with my foot would go after a week. Well fast forward now to January 2023 and after many doctor appointments over recent months it seems I have alot of Inflamation in my foot.

I have two issues going on - 1 plantar Fascitus and 2 Heel Fat Pad Sydrome - the fat pad in heel has thinned a good bit. Thinning of fat pad in my heel is the last place I want it to go from - like there are far more productive areas for it to go from 🤣

Anyway the plan to be in the Sahara next month is still there.

How I’m going to complete the race is the actual question🙃 watch this space.

The boot is meant to take the load off my foot. If only I stopped running now to give myself a proper chance

But I just can’t do it.