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Adventure and travel changes lives, as it did with mine. It can change the way you view yourself, the world, and the people around you. Through adventure, we can inspire, be inspired, push boundaries, build confidence and share skills and knowledge with others. I couldn’t choose how I was born but I can choose how I live my life and I choose to be visionary in life not blinded by obstacles. I don’t put myself into one box I grow, learn and change everyday. If my life of adventure resonates with your brand and you would be interested in working together and building relationships, then please get in touch.

I have been very fortunate to work with some amazing brands over the years, in a number of capacities to include; Brand Ambassador, Expedition Sponsorship, New Product Tester and much more. I always have new adventures and challenges on the horizon, big and small, are you interested to collaborate on a particular project together?

I am an experienced keynote speaker and have given talks and presentations to large corporations, sports club, schools, universities, the general public, and more. Having practiced law as a lawyer, in the past, I am comfortable with public speaking in front of the camera for both photo and video, as well as in challenging environments and conditions.

If you want a creative partner capable of delivering against a very specific set of performance metrics for your project/campaign then I am your person.

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