lululemon you are - Simply the best!

By: Sinead Kane

My role as Cork lululemon run ambassador is now officially over but the memories will last a lifetime. The past two years has been magical 😊✨🎉

lululemon IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Action) mission to acknowledge, support, increase diversity and inclusion in community speaks to my heart ❤️

Community is at the heart of lululemon.

My top ten highlights from my ambassadorship over the past 2 yrs.


🔴 My first meeting with Gwen where I was asked to be ambassador. I kept thinking to myself how is this happening. Nobody has ever wanted me part of their team so this must be a dream that a global brand such as lululemon want me to be part of their community.

🔴 Being one of eight ambassadors globally to be part of AAB - Ambassdor Advisory Board.

🔴 Creating with lululemon the Stories That Move You reel which has over 1.3 million views.

🔴 Speaker at the Women in Wellness event in the Cork lululemon store with the other Cork ambassadors - Sian & Lauren.

🔴 Speaker in London for the EMEA lululemon leadership 2023 Summit.

🔴 Speaker in London for the lululemon head office team.

🔴 6 week run club in Cork with the Cork lululemon Store team. We created a nice community of runners and the connections still remains.

🔴 lululemon ambassador day in Dublin - what an incredible day lululemon did for all the ambassador. Got energised and pampered. It was great to connect with the other ambassadors from other stores.

🔴 Recipient of the CIF - Community Initiative Fund. There were many applicants and so I was extremely surprised and grateful to learn I was shortlisted and then won.

🔴 Hosting the Guide Runner Workshops powered by lululemon through the CIF fund.

🙏 lululemon has been phenomenal to me over the past 2 yrs.

🙏⭐️ Thank you lululemon for the incredible adventure - Celine, Daire, Brian, Gwen, Carol and all at lululemon.

Thank you for the smiles, laughter, lululemon shopping bags and the overall joy of working with you.

I may not be the Cork lululemon run ambassador anymore but I was the first ambassador for the Cork store - an opportunity that I never thought would have happened to me.