Shona Project Event

By: Sinead Kane

As I ran on the treadmill this morning the song Rise Up came on. A run that was meant to be a recovery/easy run started intensifying.

Why? Because I was thinking about all the wonderful people who I met last night at the Shona Project event. Many of the people in the room last night have risen up over the years. They have shown authenticity, courage and leadership.

There is something special about being around others who haven't come and gone as fashion fads. Instead, have continuously worked hard To See It. To Be It.

I have attended many events where I get up and do my thing. Last night, I was the last to speak and I felt nervous. I felt what can I say that all the people in the room don't already embrace.

The word count in this post doesn't allow me to do justice to tell the stories of the people I met last night. If you have time please look up the following people:

  • Amy Martin author of See it. Be it. 20 inspiring stories.
  • Tammy Darcy - The Shona Project.
  • Aisling Kirwan - Positive Carbon.
  • Eva Butterly - Warrior Fitness.
  • Sara Phillips - Chairperson Transgender Equality Network Ireland.
  • Breeda Bermingham - Menopause Expert, Academic.
  • Rosemary Kunene - Dignity Partnership.
  • Sharon Keegan - Peachy Lean