Dreams and Goals | Motivational Video

Dreams and Goals
By: Sinead Kane

Dreams and Goals | Motivational Video

In this video Sinead from discusses dreams and goals, motivation and mindset. Great dreams require great effort and patience over time. You don’t go to the gym expecting instant results, you don’t put food in the oven expecting it to be ready straight away and you don’t expect a child to leave the womb and instantly become a grown adult. Don’t get discouraged because your dreams don’t instantly happen.
If you want to achieve something in life you need to work hard you need to live with determination, You need to have patience. When pursuing your dreams, life will knock you down. Are you going to stay down?
Dealing with dark times can be hard. Sometimes there is no simple way out, and it can at times seem like all hope is lost. There is always a solution to every problem, and it’s entirely possible to get out of a hopeless situation.
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