JCI National Convention

Motivational speaker Sinead Kane stood beside a lectern holding a microphone
By: Sinead Kane

Great fun at the JCI National Convention in Cobh last night.

If you don't know much about JCI then I would highly recommend you check them out and consider becoming a member.

I have learnt a lot about JCI Ireland and JCI International over the past few months and look forward to keep learning about JCI.
In September I won the JCI TOYP ten outstanding young persons of the world award. I am honoured to win this award. Thank you, Carol (JCI Ireland President) for presenting me with my award last night.

There are four pillars or areas of opportunity within JCI - Individual, Business, Community and International. By getting involved you gain practical hands-on experience, help plan events, be part of a project team and/or take on a position within the local and national council.

JCI members share a passion to challenge and develop themselves. They understand that developing their skills helps improve the world around them. JCI is a great way to meet new people and create a local, national and international network.

Check them out: