lululemon EMEA Leadership Summit

By: Sinead Kane

Last week, I went to London to be part of the lululemon EMEA Leadership Summit. I was invited to be a guest speaker.

All the store managers gathered to learn from each other. I felt very privileged to be part of the event. This type of event doesn't just happen. A huge well done to Rachel, Robyn and ALL their team who made it happen.

The energy from Robyn and Rachel on stage was off the scale. What a magical energetic team both individually and together. They brought so much energy, fun and laughter. Well done ladies!!

The theme this year was Choose to Lead - Seek diverse viewpoints.

Through content, connection and values in action the theme of leadership really came through.

The event explored how leadership is enhanced by having diverse viewpoints. In turn, creating meaningful and inclusive environments, removing barriers and creating greater equity for all.

I thoroughly enjoyed the event. Thank you so much. I am honoured to be an ambassador with lululemon