Neil Prendeville Radio Show

My sister Aisling was on the Neil Prendeville radio show, Cork's Red FM on Thursday 14th July. She discussed the barriers she faces on a daily basis regarding being visually impaired.

Aisling advocates for the rights of people with disabilities and is part of an advocacy group who raise awareness. Aisling discussed recent refusals to different establishments that she has experienced where staff have told her she is not allowed in because of her guide dog (Kali).

Kali guide dog

It makes me angry and sad that employers and employees are not fully educating themselves as to what laws are in place regarding allowing a guide dog in. Or maybe its just complete ignorance and complete bias towards a person who is blind. Its hard to know.

Yes a solution is to take each establishment to the WRC but that can be very time consuming and mentally draining. Also if she was to take every establishment to court then everyday would just be consuned by same. Hence, that is not the long term solution. Its society - who need to educate themselves and be inclusive rather then the burden resting with the person with the disability.

Sarah is also part of the same advocacy group as Aisling and she discussed similar barriers she faces.

Have a listen. I am proud of my sister.

Neil speaks to Aisling at around 48 minutes and to Sarah at 1hr 59 minutes. Aisling is brought back into the conversation at 2hr 06 mins.

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