Child About Disability | How To Talk To Your Child ?

Child About Disability
By: Sinead Kane

Child About Disability | How To Talk To Your Child?

In this video Sinead from discusses how to talk to your child about Child About Disability. Sinead has a disability. She was born with just a 5% vision. All of her life she has dealt with disability. She remembers that her parents discussed her disability with her at 4 years of age when she began to ask more detailed questions such as: why do I have to sit so close to the TV screen? Why do I use a magnifying glass? Why do I wear sunglasses a lot? There are several types of disabilities: emotional, physical, intellectual, and sensory. The type of disability your child has will play a big role in how you approach the subject.

The moment when you learn that your child has a disability will be a big factor in your conversations. If you learned about your child’s disability the day he/she was born, you’ll have a much different experience from parents who are learning about a child’s disability through a child acquiring a disability through accident or illness later on in life. Your response to your child’s disability will influence the way your child views himself/herself, so it’s important to send a message that acknowledges the challenges your child faces, whilst also telling your child that he/she is capable and has a lot to offer the world. I hope you enjoy the video. If you would like to get in touch with Sinead and ask any questions about disability feel free to go to any of the links below. Or comment below the video. Videos are uploaded every week (Tuesday) and so if you like the content feel free to subscribe, like or comment on the videos. Channel content relates to mainly: Running, Disability (Blindness), Motivation. Other topics: Mindset, Adventure, Travel, Lifestyle videos.