EY Women, Wit and Wisdom

By: Sinead Kane

Thank you to all the fabulous women who attended the EY Women, Wit and Wisdom lunch at the Maryborough Hotel on Wednesday.

It was a pleasure to share the floor with Peigin Crowley, who shared her personal story with alot of wit and wisdom! Peigin gave the audience the beautiful and sustainable GROUND Wellbeing sprays and oils. They are amazing! I will be using them as I prepare for the London Marathon on Sunday.

Finally, to all the team at EY thank you so much for being so welcoming, kind, warm, and believing in me. You invited me to the event to share my story with your clients. It was a privilege to be given the opportunity to stand in front of a room of powerful business women who are growing successful businesses. Thank you so much for the flowers.

When everyone left the event I had a moment where I thought to myself I'm growing, I'm learning and I'm very grateful to be empowered by other women.

Thank you to all the wonderful women at EY and Peigin and all the successful business women who sat in the audience for showing me what can happen when you work hard and support other women. Thank you.

Thank you to Cathal Noonan for the super pictures.