London Irish Business Society

By: Sinead Kane

Thank you to Richard Owens from the London Irish Business Society for the invitation to speak at the
Embassy of Ireland, Great Britain in London where I joined an impressive panel namely Chupi Sweetman
and Niall Horgan chaired by Sonya Lennon

I was accompanied to the event by John O'Regan who will be running the London marathon with me on Sunday.

Before taking to the stage we all had the opportunity to meet with the ambassador for Ireland, Martin Fraser. He was joined by his wife Deirdre. Really enjoyed our chat with them.

The panel discussed career development and I have taken alot away from the event.

As a whole the panel discussed the message of autonomy and being the agent of your future by evaluating where you see yourself in the world in the future.

I talked about knowing your vision and values. This will provide direction and clarity. Sonya discussed self-reflection, and dedicating time to discover what brings you happiness and what gives you energy.
Chupi Sweetman from Chupi spoke about identifying your strengths, lean into them, and grow towards the bits you're good at.

Niall Horgan from Gym+Coffee highlighted the importance of surrounding yourself with people who inspire you and motivate you. He taught us that sometimes you have to take the courageous leap and give it a go.

Thank you to everyone in attendance. Both myself and John had a wonderful evening. It was insightful.