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Overcoming Adversity

Top 5 Reasons to choose a virtual speaker on Overcoming Adversity.

Do you approach the process of overcoming adversity as a learning opportunity, or do you stay stuck? The mindset that you adopt towards challenges will determine your level of resilience when overcoming adversity. While Covid-19 restrictions are easing, and there is a twinkle of light at the end of the tunnel, its time to get out of survival mode and start embracing the ‘new normal’. I have 30 years experience of public speaking. When I was a kid, I would volunteer for various charity work. I would use my voice to try and make a difference in some way. Charity work has always been a big part of my life. During college my public speaking career developed.  I would be asked to give talks on issues such as: disability, blindness, diversity, and inclusion. Public speaking feels natural to me and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. When I qualified as a lawyer, I was torn, I wanted to be a lawyer but also a motivational speaker. Hence, over the years I have tried to do both. Working hard and mental toughness have been two keys to my success over the years. However, on the road to success will come adversity, hardship, and setbacks. Given my experience, I want to share how I feel a company can benefit from having a virtual speaker present on overcoming adversity.


Covid-19 has forced all businesses to change and adapt. Some of us are still stuck and trying to figure out what to do next.  Speakers such as myself who focus on adversity and resilience know the importance of turning setbacks into comebacks. Due to my blindness, I could be a victim or a victor. When we face challenges, we can use it as an opportunity to learn and grow or stay stuck. A speaker who has experienced a life-changing obstacle will teach attendees that although it may seem impossible, it is more than possible to pick yourself back up. Although it’s easy to focus on what went wrong or the sudden economic impact of Covid-19, it’s important to consider some great questions which have arisen from this adversity: How can we turn a challenge into an opportunity? What did we learn? How can this make our business stronger?


Since I was a kid I have learned the essential skill of planning. Why? Well, when you’re blind it isn’t easy to navigate in a world that is made for sighted people. It is essential that your business learns about resilience planning. Covid-19 is a reminder that you need to protect your staff, assets, and equity when disaster strikes. Disruption and threats to your work can include loss of staff, loss of premises, loss of suppliers, cyber-attacks, and other unplanned security issues. Resilience planning will help you and your staff deal with unexpected business interruptions.


I talk to many people who have been through adversity of all kinds: loss of a job, illness, death of a loved one, abuse, loss of security, loss of faith, and more. I can hear the pain in their voices when I talk to them. Some people bounce back and some stay stuck. The fundamental difference between the people who are able to overcome adversity of any type and those who are not is: Attitude. Listening to a keynote speaker on overcoming adversity will help you understand why attitude is so important. However, the rest is then up to you.

Mental Resilience Tools

Mental strength enables us to deal with the challenges we face in life. Some tools that you could use to enhance mental strength could be: reframing, visualisation, affirmations, meditation etc.  Many athletes say that mental toughness is the key component to achieving success in sport. Mental toughness is your ability to persevere in the face of challenges, to keep going even when things get hard. When you develop your mental toughness, obstacles are only temporary. Mental toughness, grit, and perseverance equal consistency. Mental toughness is tied to concrete actions. You can’t magically think your way to becoming mentally tough, you prove it to yourself by consistent action each day. Mental toughness is built through small wins. It’s the individual choices that we make on a daily basis that build our mental toughness muscle.

Communication and building relationships.

Building relationships with people has helped me deal with adversity. The way to build relationships is through communication. Why is communication important for business? Post lockdown, businesses need to focus on communication internally and externally if they want to survive and thrive. The behaviors of staff, leaders, and consumers have changed as a result of Covid-19. The rapid changes means businesses have to expand their thinking, their communication, and their relationships with others. The act of communicating not only helps to meet your needs, but it also helps you to be connected


Adversity of any kind can be very difficult to overcome. Nobody wants to experience hardships in life. However, if you never experienced pain, you would never understand peace. For this reason, overcoming adversity is critical to your personal growth and development. You always have a choice of how you will react to low points in life. You can either give up or view adversity as an opportunity for growth. Fostering a growth mindset will empower you to find hope in the direst of circumstances. It will give you the faith to know that there is nothing that you can’t handle.


I hope you have enjoyed this article. I would love to virtually connect with your business sometime. So if you want to motivate your audience at an upcoming virtual event or business meeting then please get in touch. My story will lift the spirits of your team, inspire, and motivate.