Parkrun Pobalscoil na Trionoide

By: Sinead Kane

Parkrun Pobalscoil na Trionoide in Youghal yesterday - it was my first time going and It was a hot one.

Before arriving I was already sweating as we started with the dreaded Windmill Hill and went over the back road thinking we were going to miss the start as it was getting close to the time of 9:30am.

Arrived around 9.25 which gave us a slight breather.

The plan was to potter around and after going up Windmill Hill I was definitely in agreement with that plan.

However, what I have learned from the last 2 parkruns is that when John says we go and potter around, John’s definition of potter around is different to mine.😀

The route was better than I’d anticipated and I felt safe throughout. Finished as 1st lady home. Happy with that as it gives me some bit of hope that I'm getting some bit of speed back into my legs despite dealing with ongoing Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Fat Pad Atrophy.

Going to try get back to a few races over the coming months to try and get some fitness back. It's only by being around others that the competitive spirit can come out rather than training on my own all the time.

📷 Maurice Cronin Photography.

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