Seville Marathon

By: Sinead Kane

I am proud of me. I am proud of us as a team( @johnoregan777 ).

✅️ Seville Marathon - complete.

Official time 3h29m50.

Net time 3h27m52.

✅️Marathon PB - complete

✅️Minimum Entry Standard for Paris 2024 - complete

✅️ High Performance Standard for Paris 2024 - complete

Another important milestone on the path to qualification for the Paralympic Games this summer!

More work to do between now and my next race in April. Going in the right direction which I am happy about.

Alot of small wins today👍 but also things to learn from.

Lessons learned from today

🔴 Navigating in big crowds is a nightmare 😁

🔴 I am stronger than I think. People talk about hitting the wall at 20miles. I hit the wall the minute we started the race and mentally just felt fatigued for alot of it. When we started it was extremely congested which made guiding me very difficult. A few times I tripped but thankfully John's quick reaction meant they weren't serious and I managed to not fully go down. 

🔴 Don't underestimate the impact the heat can have on your targets. At the end of the race my face was covered in salt. I wasn't expecting so much salt on my skin.

🔴 My gut is becoming more adaptive to taking on sports drink. For all ultras I used to just drink water and dioralyte but for Marathon training I have tried my best to drink sports drinks and take gels. From the start to 18k I sipped on a 500ml sports drink. I finished it at 18k. At 20k I had half a gel and decided that was enough for me. The plan was to take 3 gels. The other 2 gels are still in my shorts pocket. Next time I will try do better.

🔴 My foot held up better then expected. I see this a big win. I am happy with the progress that I have made with my foot. 

🔴 John will have his own perspective of how the race went from the perspective of guide runner. At the end of the race I asked him how he felt it went. As we chatted he told me that he had the feeling for the toilet during it but couldn't leave me by myself as too many trip hazards and too congested.

He said he didn't want to stop and hold me back. This is where a second guide runner might be useful. 

🔴 I also had a first time issue with part of my Sports Bra opening. Of course I didn’t want to stop and we had to try fix it as running.

🔴 Need to Race more and get used to crowds.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to follow my journey.

Whether you’re just starting out, ready to go after a PB, seeking to improve your form/speed, or are anywhere in between, Coach John and Sinead are here to help.