Anglo Celtic Plate 2021

Marathon Running Coach John O'Regan and Ultra Runner Sinead Kane
By: Sinead Kane

Happy to be selected to represent Ireland at the 100k Anglo Celtic Plate this Saturday at Mondello Park, Dublin.

Five nations normally take part - Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This year due to Covid England have decided not to send a team. The nerves have kicked in. 100k is a long way to go – running circles and circles and more circles. I will be the only person with a disability in the race and so will be using guide runners.

Mentally there will be highs and lows. Will I suffer during the race? Yes, but I will be drawing on every ounce of mental strength to help me get through.

Like any job – whether it be in the office or on the track – it's easy to let self-doubt creep in - what will I do if…… However, continually worrying is wasted energy.

Also, like any job, it’s easy to be intimated by your competitors. When I read the list of bio’s of the other competitors I felt overwhelmed and intimated. But again perspective shows me – what else should I expect – it’s an international event so of course the bio’s will be of a high standard.

Whether it working in an office or running on a track everyone experiences moments of anxiety but those moments can be eased with a little perspective.

Find out more about the Anglo Celtic Plate here:

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