A group of runners, including Marathon Runner Sinead Kane, posing for a photo. The people in the middle are holding an Irish flag
By: Sinead Kane

At the weekend, I represented Ireland in the Anglo Celtic Plate Women's team 100k.(I actually covered 101.6km but whose counting.) My race didn't go to plan. I hit a mental wall at 5k and that wall stayed there until I finished the race. At 14k I was out sitting down trying to think of why to continue. Several times I stopped and told the support crew I was out that I couldn't keep going. To top off the mental battle during the race there was a thunderstorm - thunder, lightning followed by torrential rain which resulted in the track at Mondello Park getting flooded which made things mentally more challenging. Thankfully, the flooding drained quite quickly once the good weather returned.

I didn't do the race time that my training indicates that I am capable of but I will bank the experience and learn from it. Overall, the race was a huge mental win and I am proud that I completed it rather than DNF - Did not finish.

So what can be taken and applied to any business?

During my race to keep going I had to:

  1. Dig deep and I mean really deep.
  2. Had to find some bit of hope.
  3. Listen to those around me who were cheering me on.
  4. Problem solve/troubleshoot.
  5. Adapt the plan.

The Ireland Women’s Team Won the 2021 Anglo Celtic Plate 100K. This is the first time in the event history that an Irish Team has won.

Women Team placing

  1. Ireland
  2. Scotland
  3. Northern Ireland

Pics my own apart from the ones of me racing which are courtesy of Stephen O'Sullivan photography

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