Self Transcendence 24 Hour Track Race

Four woman posing for a photo. Marathon Runner Sinead Kane is in the middle of the photo holding a trophy
By: Sinead Kane

At the weekend, I competed in the Self Transcendence 24 Hour Track Race, at Battersea Park, London. The race started at 12noon on Saturday and finished at 12noon on Sunday. A fantastic event organised by the Sri Chinmoy team. So what is a 24-hour race? Quite simply, it’s a race where you cover as many miles as possible within a 24-hour time limit.

Getting to the start line was the most difficult part for me given my eyesight difficulties. I couldn't find suitable running guides. Little did I know faith was working because all the obstacles I encountered had the purpose of allowing me to find the most amazing bunch of people who guided me and supported me.

Thank you so much - Miki, Kelly, Jen, Kelsey, Paula, Julian, Paul and John.

I'm happy enough with the result. On Saturday morning, before the race started, I knew I was going to find the race tough because standing around was quite hot - 22 degrees and rising. My biggest issues were my blisters as usual.

I didn't get a PB. But I had good fun with the guides and so it was an enjoyable weekend and I made good memories. The guides/support crew were all having great fun trackside that I kept wanting to stop and just sit down with them ? A few times I just went to the support table to see what they were all talking about rather than for something I needed.? I came 3rd female and 7th overall. Happy with the result. Did 197km. I'm recovering well. Until the next one when the pain will all start again ?

**Before and after the race, I tested negative for all Covid tests.

Whether you’re just starting out, ready to go after a PB, seeking to improve your form/speed, or are anywhere in between, Coach John and Sinead are here to help.