Guide Running Workshop - April 13 2024

By: Sinead Kane


Are you ready? Do you know anyone in Galway who is interested in running?? Who is interested in inclusive sport? If so, please tell them about this upcoming workshop. Sign up.

Guide Running Workshop with Sinead Kane & John O’Regan.

On Saturday 13th of April I am hosting a guide running workshop with John O’Regan University of Galway Running Track. This workshop is perfect for individuals interested in guiding visually impaired runners or those looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in this area.

During the workshop, John and I will share our expertise and insights. We will cover various topics, including communication techniques, guiding techniques, safety measures, and the importance of trust and teamwork.

Whether you are a seasoned guide runner or new to the world of guiding, this workshop will provide valuable tips and strategies to improve your guiding abilities.

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Guide Running Workshop with Sinead Kane & John O'Regan

Date: Sat, Apr 13 • 11:30 IST

Location: University of Galway Running Track, Galway

Whether you’re just starting out, ready to go after a PB, seeking to improve your form/speed, or are anywhere in between, Coach John and Sinead are here to help.