London Marathon 2024

By: Sinead Kane

Sunday 21st April - London Marathon.

✅️ London Marathon - time 3.25.25.

Very happy with my performance. I ran a PB.

Great experience. I would highly recommend doing it.

Every inch of the footpaths from start to finish was lined with support. Incredible to witness so many people. I have never experienced that in any other marathon.

Being a visually impaired athlete I was going to experience the race differently to others. I found the noise level from start to finish a bit disorientating.

Also there were a good few speed ramps which were tricky.

At about 2k a girl in front of me dropped her gel and she stopped to pick it up. Everyone was bunched up and there was nowhere to go. Thankfully John reacted quickly and it prevented me from falling. After that I was unsettled cos if the noise and crowds and couldn't relax. Mentally I hit the wall and just battled with my mind to the finish.

John was wearing a high viz vest but still had people trying to run through our tether and cutting across us to get water.

Overall, a really good marathon. I would like to do it again next year. It was a memorable experience that will live with me for a long time. The London Marathon volunteers were exceptional and it truly signifies why this marathon is so popular.

✅️ Marathon PB - complete.

✅️Minimum Entry Standard for Paris 2024 - complete.

✅️ High-Performance Standard for Paris 2024 - complete.

Will my time get me selected for the paralympic marathon? I won't know until the end of June. Each country (NPC - National Paralympic Country) are awarded a certain number of slots by the IPC - International Paralympics Committee. It is then up to each NPC how they award the slots. Many people have asked me different questions about the system. I don't have all the answers as I am still only learning the process myself.

If I don't ger selected then I will use this training to help me prepare for Dublin marathon in October. After Dublin then I will consider whether to go back to ultras or whether to stick with the marathon.

My race nutrition didn't go to plan. I did much better in Seville.

In London I didnt take any gels. I drank about 250ml of Lucozade Sport.

At the expo I bought a few packs of Gu chews. The guy told me each pack equals 2 gels. I had 2 packs in my pocket. The intention was to use both. I used about 4 chews and then gave the remainder of the bag to John. I crossed the finish line with the 2nd bag in my pocket unopened.

I also drank very little water compared to Seville. I really need to work on this area but I find it very difficult as my stomach is so sensitive.

Thank you to everyone for the continued support and coming on this journey with me.

Whether you’re just starting out, ready to go after a PB, seeking to improve your form/speed, or are anywhere in between, Coach John and Sinead are here to help.