Sport Surgery Clinic

By: Sinead Kane

On Friday, I visited the SSC - Sport Surgery Clinic - and met with Colin Griffin, Foot & Ankle Rehabilitation Lead / S&C Coach.

I am hoping that Colin can help me with the avoidance of foot surgery. Yes you heard right - foot surgery.

A year to the paralymics and this is definitely not the place I thought I would be in. Colin has given me a few things to work on and the next few weeks will tell a lot about the decisions I will be making.

This time last year I was at my fittest. I was achieving personal bests in ultra running. I was a few kgs lighter and very much looking forward to moving away from ultra running and specifically focusing on the marathon.

Then what happened????

Well August came. I was in the last few long runs before the 24 Hour European Championships where I was selected to represent Ireland. I was really looking forward to competing. THEN

In the middle of August, (2022) a complete stranger crashed her ebike into my lower back. Since then I have not been right. Last August & September the pain was mostly in my lower back and hips. But then the pain moved into my foot.

A year later I still suffer with chronic pain every day in my foot. Mostly 7 out of 10 pain on a daily basis. Some days can be extremely painful with the pain at 10 out of 10.

All of this has had a huge impact on me physically and mentally.

accept that I haven't helped myself by doing the following:

- September 2022 competing in the 24hr European Championships despite being in chronic pain.

- February 2023 competing in the Trans Sahara Marathon despite being in chronic pain.

- still running everyday despite being in chronic pain.

From last August I went into denial mode about being injured because I hadn't been injured before and at the time I convinced myself it was only a 24hr thing which turned into a week which turned into a month which has turned into a year..

I now know the topic of plantar fascitis and fat pad atrophy inside out and upside down. 

Going forward - the exercises that Colin has given me look easy but in fact they are very tough and require alot of focus, energy and commitment.

Hopefully the strength training will improve the muscles in my calves and feet and in turn reduce the chronic daily pain I have. 

Time will tell.....

Whether you’re just starting out, ready to go after a PB, seeking to improve your form/speed, or are anywhere in between, Coach John and Sinead are here to help.