Update on Road To Recovery From Injury

By: Sinead Kane

Another visit to see Colin Griffin at the Sports Surgery Clinic, Dublin.

On examination Colin was happy with my progress. He said my foot strength had improved alot and so he was happy and surprised which is good. I just need that improved foot strength now to turn into pain relief. Like if I could go from daily 7 to 4 I would be happy.

A simple exercise - plyometric exercise - such as jumping is quite painful for me. A simple exercise yet I dread doing it.

Also if I try walk on my heels I'm in alot of pain.

Colin has given some new exercises and I'm going to follow them. Another appointment booked for a few weeks times.

In the meantime, I strive to get the biggest and strongest calves that I canšŸ˜€

Dealing with plantar fasciitis and Heel Fat Pad Atrophy for a full year now has definitely affected me mentally and physically. I have running clothes new with tags on yet to be worn and old gear put away in bags. On days where I am fed up I put more clothes into the bags.

I'm trying to help myself as best I can but continously running each day with no proper focus isn't working. If only I could just restšŸ˜†

Last April, I was meant to run the Manchester marathon and couldn't.

In September, I was meant to go to Berlin marathon and I have decided not to go.

However, I have a different marathon planned now. Fingers crossed I make it to the start line.

Iā€™m not down and Iā€™m most definitely not out!