Vicky Phelan

Motivational Speaker Sinead Kane and Vicky Phelan looking at the camera and smiling
By: Sinead Kane

Advocacy, leadership, fighting for the rights for many - a challenging role but Vicky did it.

You and many others were let down. You should have been able to trust the health system but they broke that trust.

Your inner strength and dignity will continue to inspire many people.

Thank you for fighting for change.

Thank you for refusing to be silenced.

Your legacy is vast. You have empowered women. You have changed the womens health care system. You broke the boundaries of patient advocacy.

Those responsible for cervical screening must ensure in her legacy that it does not fail others in the future. She asked for change and action.

Change nothing and nothing changes.

Thank you for the warmth and laughter we shared when we met at the Hope event in Limerick.

Rest in peace Vicky Phelan. Thinking of your family and friends at this time.