Goodbye 2023

By: Sinead Kane

Goodbye 2023 - the running and travel highlight for me of 2023 was competing in the Trans Sahara Marathon in February 2023. A fantastic adventure - life long memory. I went there with a foot injury and so it was going to be a huge challenge to complete the 140km race across 4 days. I am a curious and ambitious person and so embraced the challenge. On the first day of the race I ended up with a knee injury on the same leg. The self belief and resilience had to kick in ASAP.

I have picked this picture taken by me of the sun overlooking the Sahara Desert because it reminds me of the happiness and pain, I experienced all in one.

In 2023, I have experienced different areas where I need to focus on healing. It's through pain and heartache that we find our strength.

This picture on a broader perspective helps me to focus on things that bring me sunshine, hope, warmth and healing.

Healing is hard, slow and painful.

2024 - Ready for lots of travelling, adventure, love, connection, growth and special moments.

HAPPY NEW YEAR my friends. Remember to choose those who choose you. Wishing you all peace, health, and happiness in 2024.